The Origin

In 2017, two ingenious minds, Ashutosh Kumar and Shobhit Pandey, were moving ahead with a brilliant idea and determination to create an unprecedented product hoping that one day it would rule the entertainment industry. That brilliant creative idea is none other than Friendship Quizzes. Hola Quiz is the first-ever friendship quiz in the world that has made us the true pioneers of friendship quizzes and set a benchmark in the industry with over 3 Billion+ users in 190+ countries.

But, it was merely the start of Vapronix. After that, there’s no turning back. One after another, Vapronix has been giving hit quizzes that have been super viral worldwide. Some of our record-hitting quizzes are Friends For Life, The Shookers, and Friends Forever.

The Evolution

After giving super viral friendship quizzes, it was our time to move on to the gaming vertical. In 2020, we launched ‘Hola Games’, our online gaming platform without paywalls.

Today, Hola Games is famed among gamers with over 50+ gaming categories and 500+ games.

Our creativity, tenacity, and quick learning have helped us give blockbuster products in the entertainment and gaming industry.

Gamers Don’t Get OLDER;

After conquering the friendship quizzes and online HTML5 gaming platform, we must move forward and modify our product; that’s what game changers do.

We are approaching a new model for gaming to harness the power of entertainment and fun; the journey from online gaming to app has already begun with BrainZap: A tricky brain puzzle that challenges your brain sense and drives you to think out of the box.

As we grow, we remain committed to our origin. In everything we learn, do, and change, we focus on connecting people worldwide and revolutionize the way we consume digital entertainment.